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Thank you for shooting with us!We hope you had as much fun as we did. Here is your link to your proof sheet:

There are two ways to receive your files. You can have a disk mailed to you with your entire set or you can pic 40 images or less from the proof sheet to be added to a shared dropbox folder. Please indicate to me which method you prefer. If we share a folder I can send you your files quickly and continue to add retouches and edits as I do them. If you choose to recieve a disk please indicate if you would like it before or after your retouches can be added to it. If you choose to have your disk mailed before you pick images to retouch then I can email you the final retouched images later.

Once you choose your images to be retouched please allow 3 weeks turn around time. Often that time period is much shorter but on occasion I need that whole period.

Please indicate to me if I have your permission to post your images on my site(s) including but not limited to my Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. Please indicate if you are ok with being tagged.

If you are happy with your photos I would greatly appreciate it if you would write testimonial for schwartzstudios. If you write one here: I can copy it to my site. Please write it in the Recommendation area on not on the wall of the page. Don't feel obligated to though of course! Thank you!!!