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Mara Marini

Most amazing photographer. Can't rave enough about her.

Gizelle Torres

Photographer captures your beauty. She creates the most stunning pictures you'll ever have of yourself.

Moira Lynn

Absolutely the most fabulous photographer in the known universe! Melissa is smart, creative, has a wonderful studio, and great energy! Her work is reliable, her understanding of light is remarkable, and most of all, she is delightful to work with!

Asra Kristen Such a professional. It's amazing the quality of pix this woman can pull with minimal lighting and crew. Melissa is a true talent and know's how to bring out the beauty in everything she shoots! Amazing!

Jaci Royal I am always amazed by Melissa Schwartz' photography. She has an exquisite eye pulling out the beauty in every shot. She is a remarkable photographer. Highly HIGHLY recommend.

Holly French The most talented photographer I ever worked with! Not only does she have a good eye and brings out the best in her models - She is also so easy to work with! Real talk!!! Schwartzstudio=Perfection

Jessica Resnick Melissa is a fantastic photographer and so easy to work with. Having worked with various photographers for both acting and dancing, I can honestly say that she is a true gem and one of the best. She's so sweet and really knows the craft well. I was very happy with how my photos came out and she made my personality shine through, which is so hard to do. I definitely recommend her for your photo needs.

Ricky Schlueter An unbelievably welcoming and comfortable environment. The photographer is amazing, dedicated and detailed.

Carmen Martinez Melissa's work is an extension of what she has inside, fun, compassionate, professional, sensitive and so talented. I recently shot with her and sincerely those are my favorite pictures ever. Everything was so natural, the work flow was incredible, like a no thinking she knew how to exploit every second, no need of lots of equipment to capture deep, light and spirit in every shot.

Nancy Pratheepmanowong Love, love, love Melissa's work. She knows how to bring the girlie and sexy out of even the boyish of tomboys! :)

James Spooner Melissa is super easy to work with, very giving and makes the whole photography experience fun for all ages. Her retouching skills also rules so you come out looking way better then you do coming in. haha. I highly recommend her.

Nicole Ventura Choosing a photographer isn't easy. You have to feel comfortable with yourself in they're presence and trust their ability to capture your ideas. You won't believe how amazing your pictures look. You just won't. She's THAT good.

Red Bomb Chelle meLissa is AMAZING...cLearLy depicted in the diversity of her work ;) with such a great atmosphere, her studio can bring out your sexy inner *rawr* as weLL as joyfuLLy capture the most precious moments with your famiLy!

Chef Tigre Even before we started shooting, I felt at ease and comfortable with Melissa. I was confident that the photos would look great and professional. All I had to do was be myself and have fun.

Maria Jones Melissa Schwartz has always been one of my favorite photographers! She is SO talented and fun to work with.. hope to work with her again soon, definitely recommended!

Ryan Bethencourt Melissa is a master photographer and also a skilled digital artist. Just seeing her at work, gauging light levels and angles on a shoot is an inspiration!

Kezia Jauron Evolotus PR does not hesitate to recommend Melissa at Schwartz Studios to our clients for their Los Angeles events. She is professional, courteous, and provides quick turnaround. I do recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

Peter Young Melissa creates pure poetry with her camera. I would send anyone looking for the best possible photos straight to her.

Hayley Marie Norman I love Melissa!! Not only are her pictures beautiful beyond belief, but Melissa is also one of the coolest people I've ever shot with and she made it such a fun experience! I've been working professionally in front of the camera for several years and Melissa is among the best there are!

LaLa Striker Schwartz Studios/ Melissa Schwartz is by far the most amazing photographer! She makes everyone look their absolute best!!!

Kathy Nguyen Sanders Melissa is an amazing photographer. There are very few photographers who can capture the life and personality of infants and toddlers. Melissa has done that successfully with every photo shoot she has done with our baby girl.

Kristine Ho Melissa is AMAZING! She made me feel comfortable, sexy, and confident all at the same time. Those are key things to a great photographer. She literally makes you feel FABULOUS and then takes SUPER FABULOUS AMAZING pictures. It's unbelievable. I highly highly highly recommend shooting with her! She has never let me down and actually each time, she just impresses me more and more! So honored to have worked with such a talent! Thanks, Melissa, for everything!!!!!!!!!

Emily Wu Vivd, breathtaking, and simply stunning. Melissa has the ability to capture the most beautiful moments and qualities in a person. She has a fine eye for detail and the best use of lighting. I highly recommend Schwartz studios for any type of photoshoot.

Jessi Duran-Berman Melissa is absolutely incredible...Her work is never short of AMAZING. Fabulous to work with and always has the best ideas. She absolutely knows what she is doing and definitely has a gift for what she does. I keep coming back to her as she is the only photographer i trust :)

Tony Naggar Ohhhhhh Melissa Schwartz. I dont have enough space on this page to write all the wonderful things. To sum it up. The last photoshoot she did for me went above and beyond perfect. Every model was amature and they all were able to open up with her and have fun, it all came to awsome results. Not to mention one of the photos was used on the cover of PAIN magazine! I brought her in for her creative genius and she didnt let me down. Thank you Melissa. Oh yeah, want to do another shoot November 7th if you can free the time.

Andy Christian Melissas talent behind the camera is only one of her many graces. The pictures make you say " WOW", and her impact on the planet as a ethical vegan will warm your Heart!

Penny Ma Melissa is the BEST! Amazing, artistic, a great eye for aesthetics... she is truly a wonder to work with. As evidenced in her body of work, she has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera... even if your natural inclination is to initially shy away from the lens.Warm, engaging, personable, professional and dedicated to her craft. I couldn't recommend Melissa more.

Njerí Sims LOVE

Meggan Anderson
Melissa has an amazing eye for lighting every skin tone, and her photos shine! She's a doll to work with and is a wonderful person to collaborate with creatively! I HIGHLY recommend her!

Simply Amazing! Provided by Posted by coryphee15 on 10/03/2008 Working as a model and actress I have been fortunate to work with a variety of photographers over the years but I have never encountered any photographer whose work impressed me like Melissa's work. The experience was one of comfort, professionalism & ease. Melissa was able to capture moments with her camera that I didn't even know existed. I was in shock to see how beautiful the pictures turned out with NO Photoshop done to them. Melissa's artistic eye and creativity provided me with tons of pictures that have gotten me more work and a lot of accolades. I would recommend Schwartz Studios to everyone and anyone that wants to get amazing pictures and a lot of work. The best words to describe this studio are...."Simply Amazing!"

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Provided by Posted by popgloss on 08/26/2008 I have had experience with at least 14 or so different bouts of headshots over the past couple years...each one coming out not "quite" what my agent and I wanted. With Melissa - from the get-go - it was just *easy*. I had so much fun and didn't have to "work for" the shot. The result? GREAT pictures. I have used her for my headshots and my agent was so impressed that I went back to get some more shots for my modeling portfolio. Since shooting with her - my auditions tripled and I booked a commercial followed by two feature films. She does stunning work. Her studio is clean and comfortable and Melissa makes you feel right at home. She is an expert in her field and I HIGHLY recommend her. Her work speaks for itself.

Well Worth The Time, Effort & Money Provided by Posted by prettyleaves on 08/11/2008 I traveled from Orange County, and I must admit I was a bit apprehensive, but I was immediately set at ease, with parking being a difinite plus! Schwartz Studios had everything I needed to prep for my shoot, and the photos and service was the best I've experienced in the over 10 years in the modeling industry. I would certainly recommend them, and look forward to working with them again in the near future. Don't call now Call RIGHT NOW! Leslie Wilson

Gratefully Impressed Provided by Posted by mishag on 08/11/2008 The quality of work and nice sweet disposition make Schwartzstudios a delightful experience. I honestly couldn't have asked for more! I went into the studio with a specific type of shoot i wanted done and I came out with exactly that! What I wanted and even more beautiful than I had Imagined! I would highly recommend and continue to use their services! Thank you so much! :) These photo's I will cherish a lifetime! Misha Hildreth

Fabulous Provided by Posted by MLynnS399554 on 08/11/2008 I am amazed at the skill level of this photographer! Her understanding of lighting, color, and design is phenomenal. Schwartz Studios can make anyone look terrific! The studio is warm and comfortable, the experience is pleasant and creative. The photographer is lovely and highly skilled. The studio and actual photo shoot was welcoming, efficient, and left me feeling pleased and happy, overall an outstanding experience. I left with a digital copy of all of my photos in my hand! I plan to use this studio for all of my photographic needs. Moira Lynn

Top Notch!!! Provided by Posted by Elektrochasm on 08/11/2008 I've never been able to find anyone that can get the right lighting in an outdoor environment the way they can. I recommend SchwartzStudios to ANYONE looking for high quality work!!!

highly recommend Schwartz Studios Provided by Posted by jcs0891 on 11/08/2007 As a working actor, I have been to a vast number of photographers over the years-Schwartz Studios is hands down the best I have been to in Los Angeles; that includes studios that charge three times as much.

Love schwartzstudios!! Provided by Posted by ypmjs180609 on 11/07/2007 Easy to work with. Professional. Artistic. I can't believe how good my photos turned out.