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Location - 1809 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90025

Cell - (602) 524-5453

Callbox - Please open both doors quickly once you are buzzed in otherwise you will get trapped outside the lobby and you will have to exit and call from the callbox a second time. Once inside the lobby take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Parking - There is street parking all around the area, just be careful because a few streets close by are permit only (such as the stretch of Selby that is closest to the studio). Missouri is often a good street to park on. Also, although you are not technically supposed to park there, the alley of the Azul Inn parking lot is often unoccupied during the day and no one I know has ever gotten a ticket or been towed away from there. That being said, park there at your own risk.

Timing - Please do not be late. I realize we live in LA and one can never really know how traffic will be, but if you are late you are shortening our time together and still paying for your scheduled time period. Also because I use a lot of natural light, and the light composition changes so quickly (so quickly!) during the day, you may miss the best light for your shoot. And light is almost entirely responsible for how good you will look. I can't emphasize it enough - it is very important not to miss the best light.

Cancellation - In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, your deposit is fully refundable if we are given at least 72 hours notice. But please cancel as soon as you possibly can once you know you need to.

Guarantee - If you are not happy with your pictures you are not required to buy them. Only your deposit is non-refundable. Obviously if you have decided not to buy your set and already have access to your proof, please do not download, print or post your proof shots.

Referrals - If you refer someone you get a $25 credit towards another shoot. There is no limit to the credits you can receive.

Choosing Images to Retouch - Please use the number on the proof sheet that starts with DSC (not the number that is the count).

Distribution Etiquette - For certain shoots, I ask that you please not post unretouched images.


Clothing - What you want to shoot in is always entirely up to you although I suggest bringing more options than you think you need. You are welcome to change as many times as you like during your set. Four or less changes recommended though. Please do not bring anything comprised of animal fur.

Tan - If being white works for you, then rock it, however tan skin does look really nice on camera. If you plan to be tan, please do your best to tan evenly. A vast color value difference in skin can be very difficult to retouch and will not look good. It can push retouching charges higher. Only use self tanner if you are confident that you will do a good job and definitely watch out for your hands, knees belly button and elbows. Hands are nearly impossible to retouch. Guys: Please note that if you normally have facial hair and you shave it right before your shoot you may have an unnatural color difference on your face.

Hair - Your hair can really make or break your shoot. If you aren't good with doing your own hair consider making an appointment with a stylist before your shoot or hiring an on set stylist. Bring your own products for touch ups and if you wish to change your style during your shoot, bring whatever else you need.

Makeup - If you are good with your own makeup you are probably fine without a makeup artist. However if you want to hire a makeup artist, you are welcome to. I have had many models get their makeup done at department store counters before coming to their shoots and that seems to work pretty well (I believe some product lines do it for free, others require that you buy products). If you are getting your makeup done with anyone, I highly suggest you view their portfolio first or have a test run with them before your shoot. Lots of people have come in for their sitting with makeup they are not happy with and it takes time to fix (if it is even fixable).

Lashes - I highly recommend false lashes if you are doing any kind of beauty, glamour, or boudoir shoot. Even for headshots they often work well. But they must be applied well! If they are coming up at the edges or are imperfect at the lashline they will be noticeable and can ruin your look.


Bring music if you like and do your best to be rested and have high energy. Confidence really can make or break a picture, so please just try to be comfortable and have fun. I won't let you look bad, no matter how un-photogenic you think you may be. So just act like you think you're gorgeous ;) Also, before your shoot, if you find photos online that inspire you, do send them to me to help me understand your ideas and artistic vision.

Posing Tips

There are a few things you can always do in pictures to look better. Always have your chest a little closer to the camera than your hips (most important tip). Not a lot - you still want to be standing tall, but enough to make your waist look thinner and your chest bigger. Don't turn your face so much in any direction - it will foreshorten your face. Slight movements are often best unless directed otherwise. Don't point elbows perpendicular to the camera, point parallel to make arms look longer and thinner. Step closer to the camera with your fore foot. This will lengthen your leg and make you appear taller.